I’m a tech person through and through. I consider myself a digital native and an early adopter. I will fight for tech and democratization of tech.

At the same time, I think being connected all the time has messed the way my brain is wired. I feel like I dissociate so much more because of tech. Because most tech entertainment is designed to be addictive, to be a time sink. I think I’m very passive while using tech. I dissociate. I zone out of the real world.

It almost feels like I’m a zombified version of me. Any distraction annoys me much more than it would otherwise. I’m totally hooked on to it and I can’t tend to life because at that moment, life does not exist. All that exists, is on the glowing screen.

I need to incorporate more of mindfulness and try to be more active in my own life.

I’ve tried to seek out literature that points to this but haven’t succeeded.