• Technology and Digital Health digital health interventions to promote behavior change, self-management, and improve health outcomes. Apps, smartwatches, etc

  • Health Disparities and Health Equity investigating how socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, education, and access to healthcare influence health outcomes, health behaviors, and healthcare utilization.

  • Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Positive psychology concepts, such as resilience, gratitude, positive emotions, and well-being are integrated and their effect on health is being explored

  • Biopsychosocial Approaches to Chronic Disease Management holistic approach by studying the interactions between biological, psychological, and social factors

  • Health Behavior Change and Motivation: Intrinsic motivation, how to change health behaviour, better strategies and interventions

  • Cultural Competence and Diversity

  • Mind Body interactions

Isn’t coping by itself NOT GETTING BETTER Implied that coping is a solution but isn’t it more of a response than a solution? Isn’t it survival, not trying to solve it