Welcome to Astro’s Garden!

A hodgepodge of a digital garden1, a codex vitae2, a blog, and a wiki. It’s somewhat the sum of all my knowledge. Constantly evolving, changing, and morphing.

This contains (or will contain) a lot of resources, my thoughts and opinion on a lot of things, some reflections, about philosophies, concepts that have really changed my life, and maybe even rants.

You’ll find writings of all kinds here; Psychology, Epistemology, Politics, Tech, and everything under the sun. (You will also find a lot of broken links and dead-ends or stub articles. It’s a work in progress, perpetually.)


Some things here might not apply to you, might be wrong, or straight up silly. I’d love to hear your opinions, though! And this is the Internet, so do use your due diligence, and do your research.

Leave a message if you feel like you disagree, I could do better, or something else. Feel free to correct me, I love learning ^~^)

🌱 Philosophy

It is a garden for ideas. For thoughts. For knowledge. You’re free to visit. You can smell the flowers, you can sit down on the benches and relax. You can even find seeds you can propagate. ♥

The aim of this little corner of the Internet is to make my personal wiki accessible, transparent (everything here is on the github repository, I’ll be transparent about my methods, etc), and free! Free as in freedom, not free beer.

🔗Where to start?

Some good places to start: Browse notes according to their tags! Check out my sporadic blog posts Some of my favourite notes: (I’m in the process of adding them)


  1. A great writeup on Digital Gardens https://cagrimmett.com/notes/2020/11/08/what-are-digital-gardens/.

  2. A Codex vitae is a ‘living document’. Coined by Robin Sloan. Popularized by Buster Benson. https://busterbenson.com/blog/2012/11-28-codex-vitae/