beliefs, thoughts, attitudes that someone holds about a group prejudgement, originates outside personal experience

Nature of Prejudice and Discrimination

  • Negative impact
  • Prejudice is the root cause of discrimination
  • prejudice does not always lead to discrimination
  • gives a sort of cognitive framework, a mental shortcut, schema

Discrimination is the “behavioural component of prejudice”



negative emotions uncomfortable


beliefs and thoughts about the group interpreting their behaviour


how a person acts / how it is manifested in behaviour negative towards a group Discrimination

Origins of Prejudice

Origins of Prejudice

1. Direct Intergroup Perspective

Realistic Conflict Theory

resources are limited/scarce. So other groups = competitors other groups are considered competitors only if they are strong enough to compete; only if they are considered a threat; and that will lead to negative attitudes towards that group

the robbers cave experiment

predicts that prejudice and discrimination are likely to be most among groups that stand to lose from another person’s economic advancement.

  1. Early Experiences & Social Learning
  2. Social Categorization us vs them in-group vs out-group

Narcissism of Small Differences

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Narcissism of Small Differences Bias schema tribalism