How to Trust a Cloud?

Each and every security process, layer or software must implement and cover the CIA triad Cloud - Basic Terms of security


Confiditentiality - between two parties Integrity - content is not changed, not tampered; not altered Availabilty - systems available

More Parameters

Authentication - confirm identity Authorization - process of granting access Non-Repudiation - the intended endpoint has sent the message and cannot deny it later

To provide these, PKI is used

Public Key Infrastructure

A framework consisting of security policies, communication protocols, procedures, etc

uses a hybrid of symmetric and assymetric key

enable secure and trusted communication between different entities within as well as outside the organization.

graph LR
subgraph Asymmetric 
direction TB

Components of PKI

CA Certificate Authority entity issues certificates for requests received

RA Registration entity performs the background checking process on the requests received from end point entities

CRL Certification Revoking List list of the certificates which are no longer valid to be trusted

End Point Entities entities make requests for the certificates in order to prove their identity and gain trust over the Internet

CR Certificates Repository contains a list of issued certificates which the end point entities can retrieve in order to verify the corresponding server