(this is a legacy file; included for posterity)

Module 1

What is Cloud Computing Principles of Parallel and Distributed Computing Parallel vs Distributed Computing Eras of Computing, Eras of Computing Parallel vs. Distributed Computing,
Elements of Parallel Computing, Elements of Distributed Computing,
Technologies for Distributed Computing.
Cloud Computing at a Glance, Building a Cloud Environment Computing Platforms and Technologies. cloud computing platforms

Module 2

Cloud - Roles and Boundaries Characteristics of Cloud Cloud Delivery Models Cloud Deployment Models The Cloud Provider Perspective, The Cloud Consumer Perspective,

Module 3 Cloud Computing legacy index

Basic Terms and Concepts, Cloud - Basic Terms of security Threat Agents,
Cloud Security Threats, Additional Considerations, Encryption - Cloud Hashing Digital Signature Public Key Infrastructure Identity Access Management and IAM components

Module 4

Broadband Networks and Internet Architecture,
Web Technology Multitenancy in Cloud Computing Cloud Management Mechanisms: Remote Administration System, Resource Management System Remote Administration System

Module 5

Workload Distribution Architecture,
resource pooling Dynamic Scalability Elastic Resource Capacity Architecture,
Service Load Balancing Architecture, load balancer Cloud Bursting Architecture Elastic Disk Provisioning Architecture, Redundant Storage Architecture

Cloud Computing Important Questions

Cloud Computing Unit 1 5M

Differentiate bw parallel and distributed computing Explain principles of parallel and distributed computing Write in detail the elements of distributed computing Write in detail the elements of parallel computing 9M

Explain how to build a cloud computing environment Unit 2 Cloud Computing Unit 2 12M

Explain roles and boundaries Cloud - Roles and Boundaries 5M / 9M

Explain cloud characteristics Various Cloud Delivery Models Various Cloud Deployment Models Unit 3 Cloud - Basic Terms of security 9M

Explain basic terms and concepts in cloud security Cloud - Basic Terms of security Identify the needs of Public Key Infrastructure, identity and access management Explain the process of Encryption and Hashing 5M

Differentiate role of trusted attacker and anonymous attacker 12M

With a neat diagram explain the common threats and vulnerabilities in cloud based environments Unit 4 9M

Explain broadband networks and internet architecture 5M

Write a short note on Multitenancy in Cloud Computing 12M

Explain how to manage a cloud service (write about Remote Administration System and Resource Management System) Unit 5 9M

With an architecture, explain how to manage cloud resources (Write about workload distribution architecture) 5M

Explain Dynamic Scalability architecture Explain Elastic Disk Provisioning Architecture