What is Cloud Computing?

  • it is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing

  • on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user


tldr; do not need to buy, own, and maintain resources; scalable; pay only what you use; global

Look below for elaboration on why


on-demand can use whenever needed once configured, it can be automated (?)

ubiquitous access
widely accessible this is done using different protocols, devices, interfaces, security technologies tailored to particular needs

Multitenancy in Cloud Computing

elasticity, scalability


measured usage

mnemonic: on u merm 🧜‍♀️


Cost Effective Computing as a Utility - Pay for what you use Cost sharing of data centers minimal to no maintenance required Energy consumption saved no need to hire experts servicing and upgrading not required

Elasticity - easily scale up or down dynamically

Remote Access, Collaboration can share info access files real time across the globe

Multiple services offered in a single location Speed of operations Sever Provisioning Server Cloning Built-in services for disaster recovery and failover Data center security and certifications


  • we do not have physical control of data
  • limited control over physical resources
  • possibility of unwarranted shutdown
  • have to rely on third party security

Building a Cloud Environment