Cloud Deployment Models

represents a specific type of cloud environment distinguished by ownership, size, and access

Four main -

Public Cloud

available to anyone usually at a cost or commercizalized by other avenues (advertisement) cloud provider = responsible for creating a cloud and maintaining it

shared platform pay-per-use concurrency - many users using at the same time Example - Amazon Elastic, Azure, Blue Cloud

Community Cloud

similar to public but more limited access specific community jointly owned by members or a third party provides limited access not all members = access or control of IT services outside parties cannot access

Private Cloud

used by and owned by a single organization centralizing access and resources organizational and trust boundaries admin can be outsourced or internal

Hybrid Cloud

two or more cloud deployment techniques

Other -

Virtual Private Cloud Inter-Cloud

on premise in rel to these? would a beta access to a program be community cloud? extra / unrelated - peer to peer is it considered cloud? centralization