Roles in Cloud Computing

Organizations and people have different roles depending on how they interact w the cloud

Cloud Provider

provides computational resources manages administrative and managerial tasks and duties usually own the IT resources they lease the IT resources organization that provides the resources as per agreement

Cloud Consumer

can be an organization or an individual has a formal contract or arrangement with Cloud Provider uses the cloud service

Cloud Service Owner

Individual or company that legally owns a cloud service can be the cloud provider or the cloud consumer

Cloud Resource Administrator

individual or organization responsible for administration can be from the cloud consumer, or from the cloud provider can also be a third party contracted to administrate administers not just cloud service but also other IT resources

Additional Roles

Cloud Auditor

third-party that conducts an independent assessment evaluates security, privacy, etc unbiased give consumer confidence

Cloud Broker

mediation negotiates the terms between consumer and provider

Cloud Carrier

provides wire-level connectivity between consumers and providers usually network and telecommunication providers


Diagrammatical Representation of boundaries


not a physical boundary but a boundary that represents organizational set of IT assets and resources


A trust boundary is a logical perimeter that typically spans beyond physical boundaries to represent the extent to which IT resources are trusted.