What is Encryption?

Encoding data to ensure that no one but the recipient can access/read using mathematical algorithms protecting it from malicious people

converting plaintext → ciphertext using mathematical algorithms, protecting it from malicious users

What is Cloud Encryption?

converting plaintext → ciphertext using mathematical algorithms before data is transferred to cloud


ciphertext → plaintext using same key


  • Even if data is stolen / there is a breach, data cannot be read or accessed without the key
  • protects sensitive data
  • ensures only authorized have access

How Does Encryption Work?

data — algorithms + encryption 🔑 ⇒ encrypted data

graph LR
C(text)--encryption--->A(cipher text)

Cloud Encryption Types

Data is in either of two states in the cloud

  • transit - data in transit is when data is being moved to or from the cloud
  • rest - data at rest is when it is just being stored

Data Encryption in Transit

HTTPS Protocol - provides security socket layer (SSL)

Data Encryption at Rest

data encypted so even if someone accesses it, it is worthless jumble of gibberish

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • something only you know
  • something only you have
  • something that is part of you (biometric)

see also: salting and hashing textfiles entropy security by obscurity sha256, md5 aes