A silent film is a film with no synchronized recorded sound.

silent films convey narrative and emotion visually

various plot elements (such as a setting era) or key lines of dialogue can be conveyed by the use of “title cards” or “intertitles”. It is a piece of filmed, printed text edited into the movie that appear on-screen but are not part of a scene

intertitles can be: expository dialogue


Almost all silent films had some sort of sound accompaniment In Japan, till 1930s, silent films were the dominant form of cinema

sometimes the projections had a narrator who related the actions or who was in charge of describing the situations with voice-over

there was speech, music First was the piano. On big occasions, orchestras and choirs would play.

After WWI, decisive steps were taken to synchronised sound film

1926 Don Juan by Warner Bros. was released; first movie to have synchronized sound 1927 The Jazz Singer - first talkie

acting style

melodramatic acting style emphasis on body language and expressions overdramatic theatrical instead of cinematic were Vaudevillian


Charlie Chaplin Greta Garbo Theda Bara

Slapstick Comedy