Characteristics of CultureDISC STRGL
Characteristics of Social ChangePlan to use C4 on Universe might Vary, but is Inevitable so don’t Judge. Sync that thought in
Char of Social ProgressDC Vs Vile Marvel
causes for resistancestab 7 eyes out of habit, not fear
Nature of SociologyISCAP, GERG
Char of scienceFCUP, no V OSM
Elements of CommunityLink Should Save Natural Sizzlers Controlled by Nemesis
Char of AssociationHICORE
Char of InstitutionOASIS CUP
Char of Social GroupsSINS SUDI
Organised GroupsIS ROSS
Unorganised GroupsSOOO
Co-operation characteristicsUniversally, Psychos are Selfish Cons with Goals and Rewards
Importance of Co-OperationB PIND
Competition CharPUC is SAD and CUNning
Functions of CompetitionNew Status on Social Media on Mobile is Motivational
Characteristics of ConflictIt is Universal fact that a Cultured, Conscious, Normal person is Occassionally Insecure and Frustrated
Causes of ConflictIC CS