other streaming platforms international growth content fragmentation


enhancing productivity improving services growing market by boosting customer services

SWOT Analysis


great reputation original content global reach


increasing debt pricing plans dependence on the US market


International expansion mobile streaming advertising op 1`portunities


piracy environmental issues

Competitor Analysis

Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO Max

personal notes: they enjoy a virtual first-mover advantage synonymous with streaming

This document talks about:

  • Netflix’s digital transformation: how Netflix changed its business model from mail-order DVDs to online streaming, and how it became a leader in the entertainment industry.
  • Netflix’s vision and strategy: Netflix used its vision of customer-centricity to guide its decisions, and how it solved problems differently and better than its competitors.
  • Netflix’s data-driven approach: how Netflix used data and analytics to personalize its content, predict customer behavior, and drive business change. It also highlights how Netflix scaled globally and diversified its data sources.