of course we’ll be hysterical; we don’t even have the right to BREATHE

  • how every behaviour is policed and scrutinized; including just BREATHING
  • how everything is “tainted” by man being in the center


in the beginning God made man remember that God made man in his own image what chance in hell did we ever have we were sidelined from I don’t know the Big Bang some people found it practical to blame one woman for all of mankind’s evil - Adam and Eve how it was rigged from the start men make the rules


adam and eve Draupadi probably married off to the fire fund of us she garland did only Arjun but they said marry all of us five husbands Gaia the goddess, mother earth she’s the one we all trampled on Aphrodite the queen of love and beauty also the patron of prostituting Persephone r@ped by Hades not even goddesses were left alone you might not know Aisha she was one of the wives of Prophet Mohammed and after he passed she challenged the Khalifa for power as you could imagine it created quite a ruckus led to war in fact all because of one woman’s fuss and so was born the tradition Islamic that women should not engage in anything politics mentions Virgin Mary, Cleopatra, the suffragette, Marilyn Monroe

pressure to conform

sometimes I just want an oversized t-shirt boxer shorts unkempt hair and unibrows I want armpit hair long enough to plait

have to sit in a certain way, talk in a certain way

”starving to be me” “what am i complaining about what am i complaining about what right do I have to complain” “keep uneducated keep submissive keep under your control” “men will you stop whistling at me, calling me loose, slutty,..” “dear women will you at least end up for me”

sexualisation of women

hard to breathe right it’s hard to breathe when you have a man pounding on top of you incessantly like a daily routine it’s hard to breathe when he turns over and goes to sleep leaving you completely unsatisfied sexually oh it’s hard to breathe when your clothes are too tight or the underwire of your bra is poking into your ribs or it’s too hot to be wearing all this it’s hard to breathe when you want to stop being stared at but everyone always is rickshaw-walla, the watchman, the neighbor’s husband. they’re all watching a chest heave every time you breathe. Sometimes as a woman you feel guilty to just breathe

role of religion

religion tells you to cover up, religion tells you to cover up your religion tells you to shave your head your religion tells you to be meek keep your eyes lowered keep having children keep your mouth shut what if your religion told you to hate the other what if your religion told you to burn alive on a funeral pyre what if your religion told you to do whatever you felt like split screen gossips fight lose control make noise pollute marry a child perform and honor killing r@pe torture discriminate keep breaking the law

in our land politics and religion go hand in hand

Has God become a politician?