political philosopher Precursor to Feminism anti-monarchy pro-republic Advocated social equality of women, for women’s rights and education

Wrote A Vindication of Rights of Women


Mary Wollstonecraft 18th Century English writer, Philosopher, influential Proto-Feminist

Feminism, Philosophy, Literature TimePeriod/Context:: 18th Century; England, Age of Enlightenment, Georgian Era Years: (27 April 1759 - 10 September 1797)



Works:: A Vindication of Rights of Women, ‘Rights of Men’, ‘Thoughts on Education of Daughter’

KnownFor: being the first “feminist”, advocation of women rights, pushing for women education

KeyIdeas: women’s right to education; Nature vs Nurture; that lack of education made women more inferior. Women’s education = benefit for everyone, the entire society


  • She died at the age of 38 during childbirth