First module only in sec a (5M) types of diaspora topologies

My Beautiful Laundrette alienation, focus on Omar and Johnny

Interpreter of Maladies relationship between Mrs Das and Mr Kapasi

Milkfish importance of the dish

No Name Women- Cultural Identity, aspect of storytelling, comparison of the short story with Chinese folklore/Chinese culture, importance of secrecy and defiance, gender identity and gender discrimination, patriarchy

My beautiful laundrette - Omar and Johnny’s characters, diaspora in Pakistani-British community, situation of Nasser and Papa

Milkfish- identity, natural elements, symbolism

Immigrants in our own land- importance of title

Idiots first- narrate alienation, Diaspora, sacrifice, Ginsberg, importance of time (symbolism), imp character Mendel and Ginsberg comparison,

Interpretation of Maladies- imp characters Mrs. Das and Mr. Kapasi, Mr. Kapasi’s two job, culture, differences in culture

Poems- Critical analysis