Development JournalismOther Forms of Journalism
same ethics ()same ethics
more localized
emphasis on development
create awareness about developmental issues
need to find news, “need to dig""stories walk to you”
usually soft news, but can be hard news
focus on grassroot levels, sourcing information that is overlooked by mainstream media

Sourcing Development News

  • grassroots where the actual work is being done; social scientists, activists, student groups, etc

  • cases of success stories and failures

  • sources like government issued posters, advertisments, pamphlets etc are NOT good sources. They can be subject to propaganda and bias

  • must be ready to be mobile,

  • attend seminars, symposiums, conferences, etc

  • question, investigate

Development Reporting For Press

commonly used formats in print mediums

  • news features
  • articles
  • photo features

interviews with recipients of benefits of projects completed evaluate impact on masses

vernacular press usually covers more; development is localized

Development Reporting for Radio

Rural Radio Forums - forum of 10-20 villages gather, listen to the programme, and discuss it. The reason for success is in the follow up. Minutes of Meeting is recorded

Community Radio - local radio stations, made by the locals for the locals. Pool in resources and run it collectively

Programs by AIR

Lots of scope to write scripts and devise programmes. Can work as a freelancer.

Aim is to break the barriers in communication that plague those in need of development (literacy, etc)

Development Reporting for Television

visual medium, more accessible in terms of communication barriers is seen as more credible

must be field-based, not studio based