Georgia, USA ~ American Civil War Fictional plantation of Tara


Scarlett O’Hara

southern woman wealthy family white

indecisive entire being is based around Ashley and marrying him

round character, not flat

resilient character; takes

Passionate, obsessed, narcissistic Survivor Determined Remarkable talent, leadership, business acumen

Self-centered hardworking survivor wealthy opportunist

IS A MIRROR FOR THE SOUTH and how it evolves Adaptable Representation of old and new south


Black person serving the O’Hara family shares a bond with Scarlett O’Hara

Ashley Wilkins

Liked by Scarlett O’Hara Likes Melanie


rejects Ashley, marries Melanie as they are more similar

Supports the confederates Led scarlett on


Ashley’s love interest


Melanie’s brother Scarlett’s husband dies due to measles

Rhett Butler

eavesdropes Ashley rejecting Scarlett; Was hiding behind the couch

Dashing, masculine, suave

”bad boy” character

Criticizes chivalry, hypocrisy of the prim and proper Opportunist

Symbolises new south but shows nostalgia for old south

Loves Scarlett

Scarlett marries him, they have a daughter.

At one point he leaves Scarlett and joins the confederacy Towards the end, he goes to find remnants

Imo, a stupid ass novel It’s like a love story set during the holocaust but the protagonists are insufferable nazi sympathizers