Up to age 14, all children MUST receive education Article 21A Fundamental Rights

Focus Areas: Infrastructure, Human Resources, Quality Improvement

Overall Goal: universal access and retention; bridging gaps in education

Date of initiation - August 15 2014 Goals - 1. access to financial services to the excluded sections of society 2. insurance coverage - life and accident


  1. Awareness campaigns in rural areas
  2. financial literacy
  3. doorstep banking for remote areas
  4. incentives and subsidies
  5. collaboration with banks and govt bodies
  6. tech integration

Organizational Structure central govt department of financial services state govt district govt bank branch govt


  1. 40 millon accounts
  2. 1.3 lakh crore has been put into the bank accounts
  3. enhanced accidental insurance from 1 lakh → 2 lakh
  4. 30k if ded
  5. women esp get 5000 overdraft
  6. toll free service