Advertisement - AP Art Assignment Associated Press Stylebook - reference for reporters editors on word usage libel numbers titles capitalization and commonly used words and phrases


Balloons Banner - Headline in large letters running across the entire width of the first page Beat - Reporter’s regular routine for covering news; specialization Body Copy Bold Face Box - border around Break - initial news coverage of an event Broadsheet - standard or large sized newspaper; measurements vary Budget - lineup of news stories scheduled for next day’s newspaper Bullet Byline - Name of writer printed at the tip of story, below headline


Caption Caps Carrier Circulation Copy Desk City Desk Clip Art Clips - aka clippings - Classified Advertising Cold Type Color Color Key Column - arrangement of horizontal lines of type in a news story Column Inch Columist Compose Copy Editor Copyright Correspondent - out of town reporter Cover Credit Line Cut Crop Cutline

Dateline Deadline Display Ads Dingbat Dummy

Ear - corners of the front page - used to draw attention to cover page, or info like weather Edition Editor Editorial Extra- special edition of newspaper printed between regular editions Feature - human interest; entertain > news Filler - short news used to fit info Five Ws Folio Follow Up Font Fourth Estate Four Color - Forth Estate - traditional name for the press referring it to the fourth arm of government Gutter - margin between folding pages

Hard News Hot Type Inserts Inverted Pyramid

Market Masthead - matter printed on every newspaper or journal. stating - title, ownership, management Morgue National Advertising Negative Newsprint Newsstand NIE

Jump Justify Kill

Layout aka Makeup Lead Libel Linotype Logotype

Oped Obit or Obituary Offset

Pagination Plagiarism Plate Managing Editor