Read Every Story Thrice -

  • familiarization
  • once while editing
  • to check your work

spelling, punctuation, grammar, expression, accuracy. comprehensibility

Format of a News Story

A(News Story)-->B

Opening Aka lead Aka Introduction

Most vital part of the story Lead should describe story in a very simple way; concise - ~25 words; max - 40 words eye catching; attention grabbing should summarise

Example -

“James Wilson lit a cigarette while soaking his feet in gasoline. He may live”


should build on the lead inverted pyramid start from big things and then go into details If short of words, the story can be cut from the bottom. This is due to the structure used

  • self contained - even if paras are deleted at the bottom
  • hurried reader to skip over and gain info from just the opening paragraph
  • subeditor writes headline
  • might rearrange paras