There might be a specific term for this, but I use the concept of inertia to explain how I feel -

It is hard for me to Get Started with anything. It’s also hard for me to switch tasks.

Inertia is the property of a matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion.

An example - Sometimes I feel so damn lazy to brush my teeth in the night after I had something sugary. I’ve realized however, that I can sometimes convince myself to at least use the mouthwash. When I am doing this actively, I realize “Well, since I’m already here, let me brush my teeth too.” which sometimes goes a step further to “I’ll wash my face while I’m at it”. I ended up doing that, my skincare routine, and even applied an ointment on my dog which can be a pain since he hates it. All because I took the first step.

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