Two groups of people

  1. Communicators - bureaucracy, NGOs, media, professionals

Steps in designing a campaign

Steps to design a communication campaign:

  1. Information gathering and needs assesment

  2. Developing a strategy with CLEAR objectives: identify critical and sensitive target group members conducting focus groups, deciding the mix of comm tools and message attributes (language, diction, etc) media vehicles based on objectives

  3. Implementation and collaboration: devcom needs collaboration; one person / just a group cannot do it. it needs a lot of people. employing trainers, ambassadors, capacity building of trainers

  4. Continuous and Final Evaluation: continuous assessment, assessment at identified milestones. final evaluation to identify and record the campaign’s effectiveness / impact, and achievements of objectives


Tools of ICT include radio, television, telephones, mobile phones, computers etc

includes all electronic networks, software systems, communication devices and applications that leads to increased information transmission with less time and reduced cost

offers globalization, open access

information infrastructure

Scope and Benefits

  1. Access to information nd