A1 Above the fold Alley Angle - focus or approach to a story / latest development Art - Art Director - Attribution Ascender Axis


Background - info, history of the event / biographical info on background - info that may attributed to a source by title Bank - deck Banner - headline Beat - Bleed Body Copy Book Box Broadsheet Bright - a story that is short and amusing Bulldog - early edition of a newspaper Bullet - Bureau - Buried - Byline -

C Camera ready copy Caption Center Spread Circulation Clips - stories cut out of newspapers Cold Type - hot lead is not used Can also mean a method used in photosomposition Column Column Rules Convergence - A merger into one newsroom Copy - Copy desk The Cover - A-1 Credit Line Crop Crop marks cut off rules - 1pt or 2pt rules bw stories to make sure they don’t overlap

D Dateline Deadline Deck - words following a headline, expands on the meaning of title, etc Descender Desk Display Type Double Truck Drop Cap Drop Head - headline that elaborates on main head; smaller type; below the main head Dummy Duotone

E Edition Editorial Editorial Material

F Facing pages Feature Flag Flush left / right Folios Folos

G Gallery Graph / Graf Grid Gutter

H Hairline - very thin rule or line Halftone Halftone Screen Hanging Indent Hard Copy Hard News Head, Headline High in the story Hot Type House Organ

I Information Graphics Initial

J Jump line Justify / justification

K Kerning

L Layout Lead Lead Lead Story Leader Line Art Live Area Localize Logo

M Masthead Morgue Mug shot

N Name line Nameplate News angle News hole - non-advertising space in newspaper; ediorial or news copy News Peg No-news lead

O op-ed page orphan outline letters

P photo essay pic pica - 6 picas ~ 1inch. 1 pica = 12pt point process colour profile prood Puff Public Relations

Q Quotes

R Ragged left / right Ream - 500 sheets of printing paper Refers - A phrase or sentence usually appear at the top of the column Registration Reverse Roundup - a story that joins two or more different stories Run-around body copy that wraps around the inset Running Head

S Scaling Section Screen Section Front Separate Cover Set solid sidebar signature skew skyline slug slug line spine spot color spot news spread standing signs subhead

T tabloid teasers and promos text tombstone head typeface type family

U Update

W white space widow

X x-height

Copy-editing Marks

^ - caret squiggle -

/ stroke through a character - character must not be capitalized

three lines on top of each other - capitalize

ital → italics

not not (wavy) → use bold

squiggle connecting two words - must be joined

straight line or # - add one space

two parallel lines - insert hyphen


stet - dots under a word or passage