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Functions of News Rooms

- Desktop publishing layout
themes during festivals gutter space - News gathering

  • Reporters go out and look for news; their specific beat
  • Correspondents giving news from other places - Selection of news
  • For example, on business page, if the newshouse has 50 articles, they can’t publish all of it. → NSE and BSE (stocks) gets the most importance - So selection of news, prioritizing - Editing
  • Word count / article length
  • proofreading - Designing
  • alignment
  • should be able to distinguish bw parts
  • no overlap

Gathering News

  • Journalists have sources. Hence the “according to reliable sources”

  • many beats; crime, sports, entertainment, etc

  • expertise in their specific fields

  • field reporters, spot covering, quick gather info that is newsworthy

  • submitted to newsrooms


  • Proofread
  • presentation
  • fixes and makes raw text better
  • News selection
  • objectivity
  • arrange accd to inverted pyramid
  • news value
  • aren’t answerable to reporters
  • gatekeeping - filtering news story


Newsroom Structure

Newsroom = central workspace in a media house where editors, news reporters, directors, and producers coming together

aka city room team effort, lot of different professionals


watchdog online services don’t need gatekeepers usually

Structure / Elements of Newspaper Organization

Editorial IT department Advertising Circulation Administrative Printing Press Store

Exam Info

Draw the diagram if the structure is asked during examination

flowchart TD
a-->g(IT Department)


classified ads local national real estate ads law ads

display ads

Advertorial (ads + information)

Printing Press

  • Production aspects
  • installation and maintenance of machines
  • compiling data → newspaper format → paper
  • printing plate prep, printing cutting folding

Publisher Editor Page Editor

Managing Editor Editorial Writers | | chief copy editor

Newsroom → Central part of the news agency

News Editors

Editor → Crux of the paper Chief Editor → similar responsibilities, takes care of everything in absence of editor; gutter space, whitespace, no overlap, they don’t proofread (no time), decide the title, placement, matches house style go through all the pages, make sure layout is perf Deputy News Editor → Which article which page (placement), SELECT most important news Sub Editors → Proofread; make changes

editorials → their viewpoints on a current issue / can be neutral or biased unlike other articles

Reporter’s Room

allocated based on beats have a deadline

Hierarchy of reporters Chief Reporter Senior Reporter (based on experience) City Reporter (city based reportings; local) Correspondents (national and international news; even mentioned in byline) Beats Columnist Feature Writers (mostly soft news, lots of pictures; eg. travelogue, light and doesn’t make you sad; lengthy, Evergreen Content)

Editorial Content

Functions of News Bureau

Gathering of information and distribute it Local bases, make regional specific changes ! like changing cover page Beats / specialization based Operation of general everyday things (???) physical desk where reporters can sit and write Head office (???)

Newsrooms vs News Bureau. What's the difference?

What’s the difference? How are they spread out? One central newsroom and news bureau.

read also: parachute journalism

Editor Desk

Desk Editor

Editors |_ senior editors |_ sub editors |_ proofreaders |_ journalists |_ reporters

format check, page numbers, correct news goes in correct place, important info is covered decide deadlines

last minute changes are incorporated by editor ??

What is the difference between journalist and reporter?

one is on field and one writes? Or reporter is field only?

idealogies change over time, due to owners, time, commercialization, change in editors