1. Discuss the characteristics of development
  2. Identify any four issues in lifespan development
  3. Outline normative and ideographic patterns of development
  4. Identify any 4 ethical considerations in developmental research.
  5. Identify the factors that influence development
  6. Describe any 4 features of general vs specific issues in development
  7. Write the difference between longitudinal and cross-sectional methods of study (any 4)
  8. Outline the stages of lifespan development
  9. Outline the three dimensions of development
  10. Identify any 4 differences between case study and survey method of research


  1. Define development and discuss the characteristics of development
  2. Explain any two key issues in development with examples
  3. Explain longitudinal research method in detail
  4. Describe case study method and its usefulness in studying lifespan
  5. Discuss ethical issues in developmental research
  6. Explain the sequential design method in lifespan research


  1. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of cross-sectional and longitudinal method in research
  2. Classify developmental periods and list out the characteristics of each period