Director: Ousmane Sembène (Senegalese film director, producer and writer) he “father” of African films and as one of the most prolific “French-speaking” African writers in this first century of “creative” writing in francophone Africa


Collé Mercenaire Amasatou Ibrahima Ciré Bathily Amath Bathily Diattou, Oumy, Awa, Nafi Salba Hadjatou Dougoutigui Village elder

graph TD
    Collé[Collé Gallo Ardo Sy] -->|Protects, Mother of| Amasatou;
    Collé -->|Opposed by| Villagers[Villagers who believe in purification];
    Collé -->|Provides protection to| Girls[Four little girls escaping ritual];
    Ibrahima -->|Engaged to| Amasatou;
    Mercenaire -->|interrupts| Ciré;
    Doyenne -->|Carries out| FGM[Female Genital Mutilation];
    Doyenne --> |Part of| Salindara;
    Diattou --> |Daughter of| Salba;
    Diattou --> |one of the| Girls;
    Ciré --> |husband of| Collé;
    Amath --> |brother of| Ciré;
    Amath --> Villagers;
    Hadjatou -->|first wife of| Ciré


set in a colourful Bambara village in Burkina Faso dotted with termite mounds, and a mosque made from clay



Men insist on purification, but it is really women who enforce it — not just the fearsome women who actually conduct the ceremony, but ordinary women who have undergone it and see no reason their daughters should be spared.

salindara women who perform the FGM

Burning of radios parallel to book burning

whoever breaks that law will be killed by the moolaade

Whoever crosses this rope will be punished by the moolaade.

You have climbed over my head, I did not object, and now you want to shit on my head.