Media Ownership

Individual Ownership

entire power in individual and absolute control more secrecy can make decisions at own pace

secrecy stops employees from any kind of democratic participation only the owner is liable for the debts and losses and the rate of success depends entirely on their ability less scope for expansion

Partnership Ownership

2 - 20 relationship between persons who have agreed to share profits and losses deed of partnership

cost of operation is divided different talents and skills come together

if a partner is selfish, it’ll hurt the partnership lack of unity

Corporation Ownership

most common minimum members → 5 continuous existence independent of existence of its members (!e)

more scope increasing capital can easily expand operations and transfer of control is flexible

corporation tax is imposed decision making takes time

Group/Chain Ownership

two or more same mediums are handled by the same organization formed without a common holding but with a chain command



Employee Ownership

Employees own a major part of the share




owns or operates (!e)


Concentration of Media Ownership