World War 1World War 2Cold WarCold War Course of Events
1Agressive NationalismDictatorshipRefusal of Russia to evac IranTruman Doctrine
2Role of Newspapers-Sovietization of East EuropeMarshall Plan
-Failure of League Of Nations
3Arms RaceRearmamentSoviet Influence in GreeceMolotov Plan
4Imperialism and Economic Rivalry (Germany vs England)Colonial and Commercial RivalrySoviet Influence in TurkeyBerlin Blockade
5Balkan Problems (Russia vs Austria)Expansionist policiesProblems related to GermanyCivil War in Korea
6Military AlliancesTreaty of VersailesSecrecy of Atom BombWarsaw Pact
7Immediate Cause (Assn. of Archduke Francis)Immediate Cause (Germany invade Poland)Communist activities in USASecond Berlin Crisis
Cuban Crisis
Paris Peace Conference1919
Atlantic Charter1941
League Of Nations1920
UN Day/ Estd of UN24th October 1945