Tailored for space available Clarification, easy understanding Grammar, spellings, punctuation, paraphrasing check for errors

tailored for the reader; layman terms / specific, catering to the target audience


Space constraints typos, errors, syntax adhering to rule book or style book writing headlines and subheadings, choosing pics and graphic representation

Photo Editing

keep the essence of pic intact make it fit reduction process; crop out unnecessary bits

Photo editor chooses the best photo and then edits it to suit the page without destroying or distorting it image should tell its own story

photo editors collaborate closely with photographers; and they include them / inform them of changes to make sure there’s no ill feelings

Computer Applications

how many editing cycles?

Sub Editing / Copy Editing

editor makes changes to improve a story

5Cs Of Copy Editing :-

  1. Clear give context; must make sense to reader; clarity brief highlight or intro making it easy to understand

  2. Correct factual fact check correct figures

  3. Concise brief, precise, to the point,

  4. Comprehensible understandable

  5. Consistent Style of writing; tone, grammar;

Barriers Removed by Editing

  • Too much or too little

  • Bad Headlines

  • Inappropriate language

  • long complicated sentences

  • lack of headlines and subheadings

  • inappropriate tone of voice

  • factual errors

  • legal repercussions kept in mind

  • defamation -^

  • Remove redundancies

  • fn