What is Media Management?

Media management is a business administration discipline that focuses on managing media enterprises.

involves strategic planning, administration, organization and marketing of media enterprises.

work post-production managing media strategic management

marketing of media structural organization crisis management Business administration Keep track of sales / views

In Government

media management helps the govt’s PSAs reach the audience, bring awareness of information to the public media

to ensure ethical media; to check whatever is being spread; to verify to serve public interests;


Basically oversees all the functions post-production

manage financials structure of the entire organization work with different branches of the organization managing day to day functions > are they meeting targets? > budgeting > branding, PR, advertising, marketing deals with advertising, marketing, crisis management

the peeps behind the stage

Scope of Media Management

  1. setting up a framework
  2. ethical values (words used, ensuring no bias)
  3. Developing a base for electronic and broadcasting and printing
  4. objectivity; constructive criticism | esp wrt the govt
  5. develop and implementing control mechanisms for media operations

Principles of Media Management

  1. advertising plan → media plan and ad/marketing plan must work hand-in-hand; does not exist in a vacuum
  2. media management is money management
  3. involved with all media not just one
  4. numbers don’t think, people do
  5. cost effectiveness is important but < advertising and reach
  6. Maintenance is as important as building
  7. Keep door open for media suppliers
  8. contribute beyond media planning

see also: operational hazard, crisis management