• No fixed pattern

  • Characters talk disorderly What the character has said is not the words that his partner has asked or wanted to get. Sometimes a character asks his partner something, but the partner says another thing that is irrelevant to what they are talking about.

    • Non sequitur
  • what they have said cannot be understood by the audience.


it is more difficult for us to understand the world from a normal point of view. The audience and the readers fail to identify with the characters in the play so people find it humorous and funny.


The plot is scattered and fractured. It is surprising or obscure and most of the time it has no end or result. For example - in waiting for Godot, the audience cannot understand the ending of the play; they don’t know what they are waiting for and what they are talking about. We just know they are having an endless conversation and endlessly waiting.


Crisis and Cruelty of humanity Dissimilation of society Meaninglessness of the existence of humankind Isolation among people