Hi! This is a dynamic page that will show the key topics I’m reading about or focusing on at the moment. This is subject to change so whenever I stop researching about a topic, it just takes a lower position on this list.


I’m specifically interested in biases, thinking patterns, mental illness, and therapy


A lot to do with Senescence or aging. Good measure of best practices for health. The intersection between biology and psychology. Senescence, negative senescence,


I’m all over the place when it comes to this. I’m a noob but not a total noob. This journey began a long time ago, but it’s still at a nascent stage. I’m particularly interested in ethics and epistemology. A lot of this intersects with psychology and social topics.


From general human behaviour to concrete sociological ideas. Again, intersects a lot with Psychology and Philosophy. And with politics. I want to examine how all of these intersections influence each other and study this deeply. Social programming, feminism,


Personal is political.


AI, how technology is affecting our lives, and general tech stuff. I LOVE the Internet but I also hate what it’s becoming. I particularly love small web / indie web. Also, I’m going to be chronicling parts of the web that are forgotten! Ruins of the internet, the web of yesterday. And how it still stands better than what we have now. Will also explore some of the subliminal spaces, the underbelly of the internet, the niche communities and more. Will archive a lot of things because I love archiving and I think it’s super important.


This is probably the most important one on the list because I cannot see the others without this. Scientific thinking, reasoning, empiricism, and rationality are super important to me. I abhor misinformation and disinformation.