Participation is a key aspect in development.

Development is not possible without willing participation of the people.

PDC or Participatory Development Communication is an approach in which

Horizontal Communication Everyone is equal, no hierarchy; policy makers to grass root workers, all are equal.


Process of PDC at a Community Level

Step 1 Understanding ground realities and establish relationship Step 2 Involving community in identification of the problems Step 3 Identifying community groups, opinion leaders, and other stakeholders Step 4 Identifying communication needs, objectives and activities Step 5 Identifying appropriate communication tools


Structure is not rigid, order is not rigid.

Preconditions for PDC to Work

  1. Motivation and Aspiration of community members
  2. Availability of resources required
  3. Presence of community leaders who can contribute as opinion leaders

Principles of PDC Approach

  • Change must come from within, not externally imposed
  • Development Communicators should be closely connected to the community
  • Objectiv is to IDENTIFY, not DICTATE
  • Not a means to an end, in some cases the goal itself