BiomedicalPhysical aspects of diseaseDisease is caused by biological factors
BiopsychosocialBiological, psychological, and social factorsDisease is caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors
Behavioural-Cognitivebehavioural and cognitive processesour thoughts and beliefs influence our behavior and emotions, maladaptive thought patterns are the cause
Humanistic-Existentialinherent goodness and free will, search for meaning, self-actualizationbehaviouristic models and psychodynamic models are deterministic and limiting; offers individualized approach and is not bothered with generalization
Socio-Culturalhow social, cultural, and environmental factors influence an individual’s behavior and mental processes; norms, culture
Meta-Theoretical Modelintegrative approach that considers multiple perspectivesframework that acknowledges that no single theoretical perspective is sufficient to fully understand