a complex, and subjective sensory and emotional experience that is associated with actual or potential tissue damage

it is a signal in our nervous systems that something is wrong unpleasant feeling;

can be localized or generalized


has two dimensions -

  1. Sensory Dimension:
    • The sensory dimension of pain refers to the physical and physiological aspects of pain perception.
    • It encompasses the intensity, location, and quality of the pain. For example, pain can be described as sharp, burning, throbbing, or aching.
    • Sensory pain information is primarily processed in the brain through the somatosensory cortex, helping us identify the location and characteristics of pain.
  2. Emotional Dimension:
    • The emotional dimension of pain involves the psychological and affective aspects of pain.
    • It includes the emotional responses and feelings associated with pain, such as fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and suffering.
    • The emotional dimension is often processed in brain regions associated with emotions, including the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex.
    • Psychological factors like stress, anxiety, and coping mechanisms can significantly influence the emotional dimension of pain.

causes discomfort and can even cause emotional distress

a2-->a2a(sudden</br> lasts 6 months or lesser </br> relieved when cause is treated)

Perception of Pain

masochists ?? Emotional Pain or Psychological Pain → Painkillers helps reduce these too!