What is Self Concept?

Self concept = collection of beliefs, self-perceptions, and cognitive schema about onself self concept is a framework that influences our motives, emotional states, abilities, etc self concept can and does change age, environment, etc contribute to change

Self Concept - Development


To assess the self concept of the subject


To administer the self-concept scale & to assess the self-concept of the subject
on different dimensions


Self Concept Scale by Vijayshree Ravi (54 item questionnaire) Answer sheet scoring key norms writing materials


can be administered in group or individually not timed instructions are given read and answer honestly


Here are set of statements. Read them carefully and mark yes or no depending on your answer; mark it on the answer sheet corresponding to the number. There are no right or wrong answers. Answer honestly


subject should be spontaneous subject should not skip any question


score items according to norms sum of each subscale is found total of all six areas = total self concept score higher the score, higher the self concept

Individual Discussion

Physical | Social Emotional | Intellectual Cognitive | Moral | Lie Scale | Total :---:|: --- :|: --- :|: --- :|: --- :|: --- :|: --- :

Group Discussion

| |Physical | Social Emotional | Intellectual Cognitive | Moral | Lie Scale | Total | |:---:|: --- :|: --- :|: --- :|: --- :|: --- :|:---:|—| | Total | | | Average | | | Interpretation | |


Application Value