RevolutionComplete change. Fundamental change in organisational structures in a rel short period of time
Etymology of RevolutionRevolutio, Latin for complete changeetymology
1750 - 1917Revolutions in Europe and America, rise of nationalism
Change in social, political and economic setup
1750 - 1850Industrial Revolutiondate
Industrial RevolutionChanges in agriculture, manufacturing, mining and transportation, and technology. Effect on social, cultural, economic. Almost every aspect influenced by it. Avg income and population increased. After 18th century, gdp per capita increased tenfold, population six fold in next 2 centuries. Agri society → Industrial society
Economic revolution of late 18th centuryStarted in UK, continued to Western Eu, North Am. , Japan and eventually full world
Starting of Industrial RevolutionTextile industry due to high demand. Great Britain provided legal and cultural foundations.
Why industrial revolution began in Great Britain?Lead over other nations. Political Stability, Resources (coal and iron), better health, excess population, more conumers