Parable of the Polygons



  • Small individual bias can lead to large collective bias.


  1. Small individual bias → Large collective bias. When someone says a culture is shapist, they’re not saying the individuals in it are shapist. They’re not attacking you personally.

  2. The past haunts the present. Your bedroom floor doesn’t stop being dirty just coz you stopped dropping food all over the carpet. Creating equality is like staying clean: it takes work. And it’s always a work in progress.

  3. Demand diversity near you. If small biases created the mess we’re in, small anti-biases might fix it. Look around you. Your friends, your colleagues, that conference you’re attending. If you’re all triangles, you’re missing out on some amazing squares in your life that’s - unfair to everyone. Reach out, beyond your immediate neighbors

  • Today’s Big Moral Message™ is that demanding a bit of diversity in your spaces makes a huge difference overall