Affect is a term used to describe experience of feeling or emotion.

It can be understood as a combination of three components: emotion, mood (enduring, less intense emotional states that are not necessarily tied to a specific event), and affectivity (an individual’s overall disposition or temperament)

Dimensions of Affect:

  1. Valence
  2. Arousal
  3. Motivational Intensity

Emotions: predispositions to a certain type of action in response to a specific stimulus, which produce a cascade of rapid and synchronized physiological and cognitive changes.

Feeling: not all feelings include emotion, such as the feeling of knowing. In the context of emotion, subjective representation of emotions. Emotions are often described as the raw, instinctive responses, while feelings involve our interpretation and awareness of those responses.

Moods: enduring affective states that are considered less intense than emotions and appear to lack a contextual stimulus.

Affect: a broader term used to describe the emotional and cognitive experience of an emotion, feeling or mood.



Affective dimension information

DimensionQuestion: To what extent does this make you feel (1…9)
Approach…Like this is something you would want to approach? (desire to avoid…desire to approach)
Arousal…Stimulated? (more subdued…more stimulated)
Attention…Focused? (more unfocused…more focused)
Certainty…Certain? (very uncertain…very certain)
Commitment…A sense of commitment to an individual or creature? (lack of commitment to an individual/ creature …strong commitment to an individual/creature)
Control…Like things are under control? (things seem out of control…things seem under control)
Dominance…Dominant? (more submissive…more dominant)
Effort…Like viewing this demands effort? (no effort whatsoever…enormous effort)
Fairness…Like things are fair? (sense of unfairness…sense of fairness)
Identity…Like you identify with a group of people? (lack of group identity…strong group identity)
Obstruction…Like you’re obstructed by something? (very unobstructed…very obstructed)
Safety…A sense of safety? (very unsafe…very safe)
Upswing…Like this went better than it first seemed it would? (worse than expected…better than expected)
Valence…Pleasant? (very unpleasant…very pleasant)