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Beat generation poets rabbit hole, how they connect toqueer

  • Beat generation poets - Jack Kerouac, Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, William S Burroughs
  • Indecent Advances A Hidden History of True Crime and Prejudice Before Stonewall By James Polchin ISBN 9781640093874 -
  • Kill Your Darlings (2013) movie
  • Read Howl (collection of poems)


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  • More Phil, Moreabsurdism

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Anarchism without adjectives

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This comment from Reddit about bugs -

“Males have wings. They don’t live long. No queen means no males. What’s interesting is societal roles of ants within the colony. Each any has a specific role within the colony. These would appear to be a collective of foragers. They ate either all from the same colony or they are Argentine ants. Ants produce pheromones. Most ants if the same species but of different colonies will fight and kill each other. Argentine ants are the only known species that don’t do this and we don’t know why. In theory, all Argentine ants form a single colony which would be insane because they are found on multiple continents. Ants death spirals exist so this single instance of these ants operating without a queen is the only known example of this behavior in ants in the entire world, as to my knowledge. I’m an exterminator just shy of a decade in the industry. I have no degree in entomology, so there are many much more knowledgeable folks than myself. Termite colonies have complex climate control that includes bringing moisture with them wherever the colony expands. Solitary wasps produce no known allergens. Wolf spider and yellow sack spider bite can cause necrosis if the person bitten reacts badly. Not as bad as a brown recluse bite, but still, necrosis is necrosis. Delusional parasitosis, forgive my spelling, is very real and surprisingly common. Lice prefer clean hair over dirty hair. Bedbugs have sex organs but typically breed by the male literally just stabbing a female with his spike like penis in a process called traumatic insemination and a theory as to why bedbugs spread in the manner that they do could suggest its the females trying to get away from the males.” “Simply, interesting facts about a variety if insects that most people don’t know. I’ve forgotten more about insects than most will learn in a lifetime. I can talk for hours about pest control. I’d say the majority of exterminators that have more than a few years in can do the same. We don’t bring it up unless asked. Most people don’t have a clue as RI the extensive knowledge their exterminator actually has. The majority of what we do is simply maintence. The insect world is vast. There are so many different insects even regionally, not to mentioned rarity of various species. I dont come across many new insects anymore, the ones I do happen to be very rare in my region. At this point, the things that surprise me tend to be new places I’ve found bugs. I’ve seen ant colony is working and running aquarium aerators. I found a colony living underneath the glass of an aquarium. They were almost completely contained living along the exterior. They collected food from spilled fish food, moisture from condensate off the glass as well as moisture from the tank itself. I had my suspicions on bedbugs feeding off creatures other than humans before the science suggested it was possible, through my own observations. I had a really bad bedbug job, possibly the worst one I’ve ever seen. I found them living in a bird cage and 2 pet carriers for dogs. Until this point, the science said they didn’t do that. There is something called a bat bug that looks damn near identical to a bedbug that feeds off of bats. We know they will take a blood meal off of humans but require bat blood to reproduce and complete their stage changes. Seemed to me that despite what the science said, in a similar situation, bedbugs could take a blood meal from a different source, but still require human blood to reproduce and also complete their stage changes. I found a type of solitary Prarie bee that prefers a specific soil composition to build their nest. An entire half acre plot land with a hole about every square inch. Thousands of these things took over these peoples yard. They run for about 6 weeks in the spring. I had one and another tech had one at the same time in a different location. I’ve only ever seen this once and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Cicada killers behave in a similar manner, they also run about 6 weeks in my region, just in late summer, but you never see those kinds of number. 30 in a yard is a lot. I ended up calling the Perdue University Department of Entomology amd spoke with a grad student working on a PH.D. The gentleman ended up doing some quick research for me and found a paper written by someone with a Doctorates in Entomology about having the same issues in his garden. Absolutely fascinating stuff, and begged me not to kill them as loss of habitat has forced them into situations like this. They aren’t endangered yet, but they are in that path. I explained the situation to the home owner and gave them some other compromised solutions that they decided to try. I told them I would kill them if they truly wanted me to, but they would come back. The solution is changing the soil composition, they ended up mulching an area for the kids and dogs to play in and let the bee have their 6 weeks with the rest of the yard. That one left me all warm and fuzzy. It’s not often we get to find a solution like that. The bees were happy the homeowner was happy. If you want to know about all the insect and insect eggs you eat on a daily basis, message me. Those discussions tend to freak people out. I warn you, I will tell you what I know about this stuff if you really want to know it but you won’t look at a variety of foods the same. I can also tell you how to inspect second hand furniture for cockroaches and bedbugs before purchase. I can walk you through bedbug inspections for hotel rooms. I can tell you what to look for in restaurants. I can tell you which over the counter pesticides and rodenticides work and don’t work. I can discuss, in depth and detail the behavioral patterns of a variety of pests, mice and rats included, which will typically increase the number you kill with snap traps and catch with glue boards. I can tell you vibrators are susceptible to bedbug infestation. I can tell you the dumb shit people think will work to combat their pest issues. I can also discuss the pros and cons of 25(b) exempt products (essential oil pesticides) I can tell you organic foods are still sprayed with pesticides, just not synthetic pesticides. This is a wonderful tip. On chemical labels, they list the what to do of this happens from top to bottom by severity. Bleach labels always have what to do if swallowed at the top of the list. No matter what it is, the thing on the top of the list will be the most dangerous. That way, people in a panic don’t have to read the whole thing looking for the right procedure. If you want to know anything about a chemical product Google the product name and add SDS afterwards. You can get trial results, study results, and all manner of information”

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> [mindfulness-based stress reduction]( “Mindfulness-based stress reduction”) “eight-week evidence-based program that offers secular, intensive mindfulness training to assist people with stress, anxiety, depression and pain”

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Free Software Movement FSF GNU GNU/Linux History of the Internet

movies and other media related to above - Pirates Of Silicon Valley; Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet , Triumph of the Nerds, Revolution OS

Nigerian computer scientist Philip Emeagwali wrote a criticism of the documentary’s website listing 48 white males out of 50 internet pioneers, with none of them being black.[6] Emeagwali said, “Since white males control the media, 96 percent of the Internet pioneers were white males. The documentary Nerds 2.0.1 reminded me of the African proverb: ‘Only when lions have historians will hunters cease to be heroes.‘”[6] In reference to Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet

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During the development of the current diagnostic manual, DSM-5, Frances became critical of the expanding boundaries of psychiatry and the medicalization of normal human behavior, problems he contends are leading to the overdiagnosis and overtreatment of the “worried well” and the gross undertreatment of the severely ill. In recent years, Frances has become a vocal advocate for improved treatment and societal conditions for the seriously mentally ill, the appropriate use of electroconvulsive therapy in severe cases of mental disorder, and an integrated, biopsychosocial approach to psychiatry.