Compliance is a type of Social Influence when someone agrees to do something (changes their behaviour) at the direct request of others.

CAN involve agreeing due to social pressure, social norms, and authority figures

stems from desire to be polite or to avoid confrontations

change in behaviour, not change in attitude or beliefs



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Tactics and Strategies to Elicit compliance

Foot in the Door - start with a small request and then escalate Door in the Face - ask for a big request / unrealistic request that the person denies, post which the real request is asked Low Ball Technique - making a very attractive initial offer to induce a person to accept the offer and then making the terms less favorable Reciprocity - using reciprocity as leverage Pique technique - exploits curiousity Principle of Scarcity - when things are portrayed to be going extinct, we may buy them even if we don’t require them