definition - a tool used to generate publicity

Types of Press Release

1. General News

This is the most common type traditional coverage to generate interest online and offline definition of “newsworthiness” can be stretched example - awards

2. Launch Release

relates to release of a new company / new product / website / initiative format is similar to general news release helps create a sense of urgency does NOT have to be about tangible; they can be about ideas

3. Event Press Release

Members of media = initial audience clearly explains the details of the events goal = event specifics printed in media so general public can know usually broadsheet

4. Executive, Staff, and Employee Press Release

announcing new hires or changes in higher levels of management fairly extensive biographical info + at least one photo

5. Expert Position Press Release

used to establish an individual’s or brand’s credibility in a particular field idea is to establish a person or company as a go to source of info to be contacted by the media general intro + third party verification of expertise

Using Press Releases Effectively

  • engaging headline
  • accurate, well-written info
  • media prefers professional press releases that can be easily pasted into a news story

How Press Releases Work (process)

Press releases help find interesting stories + all info needed Company starts a CSR initiative Company’s marketing team creates press release about initiative and distribute it to relevant media outlets journalist decides if it is interesting enough journalist contacts the company for more information and an interview journalist then writes an article

Importance of a Press Release

important for PR and marketing strategy most cost-effective way to generate media coverage

it engages the media. it is a great way to reach out journos build relationships gets the word out helps manage crisis effectively - during crisis press release can help company control the story; prevent negative media coverage from spinning out of control

Purpose of Press Release

  • generate media coverage
  • build buzz
  • efficient and cost-effective
  • sounds more natural and appealing to target audience

Elements of Press Release

  1. Logo - usually 200x200px
  2. Headline - Catchy but accurate; keep it simple, ~6 words / 65-80 characters font - 14points bold centered
  3. a. Sub headline - add to headline without giving too much away; immediately below headline 120 characters
  4. Dateline - contains date when it should be published; before the headline usually Place stamp and date - from where and when. Bold or all caps
  5. Introduction answers 5Ws and 1H single spaced, Times New Roman / Arial MOST IMPORTANT part
  6. Body
  7. Boilerplate - “To find out more call toll free yada yada between yada yada”
  8. Media Contact - Address and contact details of who wrote the press release, for more information; the media/communication department/ outsourced

No bullets, proper sentences. Press release does not have too much of flowery words, very marketing-esque names

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