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Silent Film Era in India

cinema first shown in India by Lumiere Brothers at the Watson Hotel in Mumbai July 17 1896, six months after show in Paris

from 1896 - (1896+15), for fifteen years no indigenous production of movies

NG Chitre and RG Tomey - first film - Pundalik - about a holy man in Maharashtra - 1912

Dadasahed Phalke - released Raja Harishchandra on May 3, 1913 started a studio in 1913 after coming from England; said he wanted Indians to watch Indian movies on the Indian silver screen Not just a director, but also organized, made a studio, trained technicians, laid foundations

1000 movies made, only ten of them survive

Imperial government were cautious, they thought the films would corrupt their minds. 1917 - The Surpentine Dance European Association warned the government about this as it

Sound Era

Alam Ara

March 4th, 1931 First talkie - Alam Ara Hindustani language; because how to cater to audience? 150 Million people by (!e)

it was a story of two queens costume play

Historical Pre-Raj India legendary heroes and figures from pre-Colonial Era


and its adaptations

End of Studios

Golden Age of Indian Cinema

1950s regarded finest period of Indian cinema Guru Dutt, Mehboob Movies like Mother India, Pyaasa, etc

moved from mythological stories to social issues

struggle for independence intersected with cinema