two-way process where information is exchanged or passed from one person to another person. The word is derived from ‘communicare’ which means to impart.

Elements of Communication

Communication usually has a sender, a receiver, a message, a channel, a medium, and feedback.

Functions of Communication

Communication has various functions. Some important ones are -
a) Educate - Communication can be used to help educate people, teach them new concepts and ideas. b) Inform - Communication can be used to alert people, to inform them of events, news, etc. For e.g. - There’s a car crash. The onlookers call the ambulance and inform what has happened. c) Clear Misconceptions - Communication can be used to clear misconceptions, most of which arise due to improper communication or a total lack of it.
d) Spread Awareness - Can be used to spread awareness and make sure people know current happenings. For e.g. - Government spreading awareness of  the benefits of vaccination e) Persuade - Can be used to persuade people to do or not do something. It helps make take action. f) Propagate j) Create opinion - Communication can raise questions and generate opinion and discourse on various topics. h) Exchange views - Communication can be used to exchange views, ideas, and have discourses.

Barriers to Communication