Henry IVKing; appoints Bishop of Milan without Pope’s permission, fought with Gregory VII
Philip IVFrench King; taxed church without permission of Pope; fought with Boniface VIII
St PeterFirst Pope
Gregory The GreatPope becomes the most powerful; Establishes Papacy
Gregory VIIPope; wanted to free Church from King, fought with Henry IV
Gregory XIPope, shifts court back to Rome
Boniface VIIIPope; goes against Philip IV, beaten to death
Clement VPope who replaces Boniface VIII, moves court to Avignon
Urban VIPope; differences between him and cardinals led to election of anti-pope and caused papal schism
Clement VIIAnti-Pope, moves court back to Avignon
Alexander VAnti-Pope, to replace Clement VII and Urban VI
1414 CEPapal schism ended
500 - 1050 CEEarly Middle Age / Dark Ages
1050 - 1300 CEHigh Middle Age
1300 - 1453 CELater Middle Age
476 CEWestern Roman Empire falls
1453 CEEastern Roman Empire falls
Ecclesiastical System
Manoral System
Medieval Society in brief
Agriculture in Medieval societyFirst - low due to political instability, wars, etc. From trade based to agrarian. As gained more land, more methods. Heavy plough, iron agri tools, horses to till, crop rotation, water and wind mills. Inc in population and domesticated animals. Settlements Townships Cities
Medieval Churches
FeudalismDerived from German ‘Feud’ meaning ‘Piece of land’
Feudal Structure
ArchitectureRomanesque, Gothic. Worms and Rheims Cathedral respectively