I’m staunchly an advocate of digital vs analogue. So much that in the past few years, the only time I wrote with pen and paper was when I was forced to; in examinations and stuff. I know we retain information better when we write [?source]. But for some reason, I hate that I cannot access what I write wherever and whenever. I don’t like the fact that I cannot index my writing. I don’t like writing on paper because I can’t quite organize them like I do in Obsidian. Everything I need to do has to be quantified, has to be indexed, has to be ready for use any time. It has to be available. I’m not sure why I have this obsession. Maybe doomsday prepping sort of thing and I think this is safer?

I’ve recently been considering writing in a physical book. At least planning things or checking in, or journaling. I was vehemently opposed to journaling on paper as I’m a quantifiedself fiend.

What changed my mind is Zoning Out and Tech 1 and the fact that writing on paper produces more clarity and promotes Mindfulness.

I’m working on a “The System” to keep me more accountable and a physical notebook will play an important role in it.