One of the earliest surviving films by Native Americans James Young Deer Director and Writer; one of the earliest if not first Native American directors Pathé films

  • A settler in the Dakota gets word that he is to inherit a large fortune, his Native American wife is upset.
  • Believing that she will lose her husband if he returns East, she stabs herself with a knife.
  • Her husband finds her and removes the knife, but their daughter sees him with the knife in his hand and her apparently dead mother.
  • The girl, believing her father committed the murder, alerts the nearby Indian village.
  • Several Indians then engage the settler in a long chase. When the settler is captured, the Indians intend to put him to death
  • They ask his child to deliver justice
  • White Fawn miraculously revives and informs the Indians of the truth.
  • The couple is reunited but the chief signals the family to get out